Ion Sapdaru answers…

This is an old game, a society game, a simple and slightly abrupt form of determining one to tell the truth…If theatre means truth and if those involved in it accept us, we dare them to answer; and we put before their eyes…’Proust’s Questionnaire’. Today, actor and director Ion Sapdaru…

  • 1. The principal aspect of my personality: Sincerity
  • 2. The quality that I desire in a man: Manhood
  • 3. The quality that I desire in a woman: Feminism
  • 4. What I appreciate most about my friends: Talent
  • 5. My main fault: Rush
  • 6. My favorite occupation: Theatre
  • 7. My dream of happiness: Lack of sufferance, for me and my close ones
  • 8. The place where I should like to live: Paris
  • 9. The flower that I like: The rose
  • 10. My favorite prose authors: Dostoevsky, Chekov, Nabokov
  • 11. My favorite poets: M. Eminescu, N. Stanescu
  • 12. My heroes in fiction and in real life: The Little Man
  • 13. My favorite heroines in fiction and in real life: Chirita; all the feminine characters at Caragiale
  • 14. My favorite composers: Schnittke, Tchaikovsky
  • 15. My favorite painters: Magritte, Pirosmani
  • 16. What I hate most of all: Monotony, militant mediocrity
  • .17. The gift of nature that I would like to have: To talk with Chekov for a whole hour
  • 18. How I want to die: Instantaneous
  • 19. My motto: Change!
  • 20. My present state of mind: Fear

Translated by: SINZIANA MIHALACHE, MTTLC student, University of Bucharest


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