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“Wonderful! Congratulations! I am living abroad and for me a play per night would give me the necessary pill to help me cure my homesickness. Now, with this playbill I can take my antidote for homesickness control when the smallest signs appear, and not only at night.” this is a message, only one of the hundred messages Costin Tuchilă answers, he is the coordinator of the first radio drama portal in Romania. I admit, I have discovered him only a little time ago, but now I am catching up: every day I save at least a quarter of an hour for the meetings with the actors I miss the most… Now, while writing, I am listening to Ştefan Iordache and I remember how, many years ago, I would schedule my agenda according to the radio theatre playbill. I am writing these lines because radio theatre was my first love. The first play I have ever seen at the theatre, when I was about seven-year-old, was Înşit-te mărgărite with Constantin Rautchi as Baba (the old woman). But I had not started school yet – at the beginning of the ’60s – when I was listening to radio drama, with my fabulous grandmother.

Puşa Roth is first of all a radio personality. She is also a playwright in love with theatre, who cares about its servants. I had the privilege of meeting her in 2005, when I recorded for a TV coverage the scenes of Slugi istete si bufoni – Cinci personaje in interpretarea actorului Horaţiu Mălăele (Smart servants and buffoons – Five characters performed by the actor Horaţiu Mălăele), a play that is part of a huge project, at which she also works together with another extraordinary radio person, Costin Tuchilă, the coordinator of this portal Below you may find what Puşa Roth tells us about windows open for the theatre on the internet: “I wrote plays, I staged them, I adapted them for the theatre with only one dimension: for the radio theatre. I made my first appearance at the National Radio Theatre and I think that here I became a playwright. I had the privilege to make my first appearance on a real stage in 1999. represents another dimension of an author’s bond with the audience. As a playwright you enjoy being listened more than once, by many, unexpected many persons who broke the skepticism’s barrier and entered the on line world. is the modern formula for being present everywhere in the world as author, of becoming known, acknowledged, listened to and listened to again, either we are talking about a contemporary writer, such as myself, or we are referring to well-known authors in the theatre’s history. brought me listeners I would have never met in a theatre hall or as radio listeners, because this formula reunites, as in a magic world, listeners all over the world. Due to this portal, me and my characters ended up becoming friends with Romanians in the whole wide world. I think represents another way of consecration for the contemporary Romanian writers. I am happy that gave me this opportunity. Now, in the third millennium, you cannot say you really exist without the on line world.” For whoever became even more curious, he may visit also

The first radio theatre portal in Romania is coordinated by Constin Tuchilă. He works with director Attila Vizauer, editor-in-chief, Daniel Popescu, Irina Soare and Simona Vasiliu. I will invite mister Costin Tuchilă to continue: “You may find a true encyclopedia about the Romanian and universal theatre, but also a history of the Romanian Radio theatre, performances from the Golden Record Library of the Romanian Broad Casting Society, but also nowadays plays, thematic cycles, series dedicated to great playwrights of all time, to famous, old and new, actors and directors and the portraits of contemporary playwrights, 24 hour a day, every day of the month, on the first radio theatre portal in Romania: This is the National Radio Theatre’s offer starting with September 14, 2009. Therefore, in multiple with the spectacles broadcasted by Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania News, Radio Romania International and Radio Antena Satelor, the fans of radio theatre, a very large audience, both in Romania and abroad, have now the possibility to listen to plays and staged broadcasts at any hour of the day.

Every month’s schedule, that is changed in the first day of the month, at 0:00, is created for five days, from 0:00 to 12:00, being repeated from 12:00 to 24:00. The first day of the month becomes the sixth, the second day becomes the seventh and so on, this way it gives the listener’s the opportunity to chose the day and the hour when he wants to listen to a play from the posted schedule. Due to the structure of the schedule, a play may be listened to in a month at least twelve times, and the repertory, that totals 60 hours of transmission, may be coherently structured, the offer itself being rich. Here ample performances may be broadcasted entirely, which exceed 100 minutes and are hardly fit into radio playbills. Thereby, Danton, by Camil Petrescu, was programmed in November, all three series, one hour each, in one day. In December, the setting of Emperor and Galilean, by Ibsen, was broadcasted in premiere in the country, a performance made up of five parts, totaling 500 minutes. In January was released Mourning Becomes Electra, by O’Neill, originally created as theatre in series. From the first days, the listeners’ messages have been enthusiastic, and the traffic has been growing constantly, reaching an average of over 400 visits daily, in the country and from abroad. The repertory’s structure is built every month with the idea of creating through initial recordings the portrait of a classic playwright, of a modern or contemporary playwright, of a great actor or of a radio theatre director. In September – October were chosen the following four: Vasile Alecsandri, Matei Vişniec, Radu Beligan, Mihai Zirra. In November: I. L. Caragiale, D. R. Popescu, Mircea Albulescu, Cristian Munteanu. In December: Molière, Iosif Naghiu, Ion Caramitru, Ion Vova. In January : Chekhov, born almost 150 years ago, Eugene O’Neill, Mariana Mihuţ, Titel Constantinescu. According to the hour flows, the playbill is created, generally, as follows: 0:00 – 01:30 (respectively 12:00 – 13:30): Comedies; 1,30 – 3,00 (13,30 – 15,00): The Classic Playwright of the month; 3,00 – 4,30 (15,00 – 16,30): The Modern or the Contemporary Playwright; 4,30 – 6,00 (16,30 – 18,00): Staging; 6,00 – 7,00 (18,00 – 19,00): Broadcasts from the category “Biographies, memories”, “The biography of a masterpiece”; 7,00 – 9,00 (19,00 – 21,00): Theatre for children; 9,00 – 10,30 (21,00 – 22,30): Great actors; 10,30 – 12,00 (22,30 – 24,00): Directors. In addition to the audio files, the site also has pages with the schedule of the month and complete distributions of the spectacles, ample reviews and a rich graphical material, concerning the authors and the plays included in the repertory, these texts being archived. In the Collections page there are permanently posted, in chapters, history broadcasts about the Romanian and universal theatre, theatrical recitals, journalistic broadcasts on theatre themes. is an interactive site, where the listeners have the possibility to express their impressions and to make suggestions for the repertory (some of them have already been introduces into the playbill).

Therefore, starting with March 2010, one of the hour flows will be entirely reserved for the performances the listeners want on purpose.”

Yorik wishes to our colleagues BEST OF LUCK!

Nita Ioana Amalia

MTTLC, 2nd year


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