The subway puts back its Masc

The passengers who were passing through the subway station Piaţa Unirii 2 on Saturday, 16th January, and did not choose one of the two directions of the Track 2 or did not leave the station, had the chance to watch the most recent performance of Masca Theatre, namely “Pierrot le fou”. Some people stopped on the stairs, other sneaked for a better place near the stage as close as possible to Pierrot. White pantomime was to show different situations from character’s life. It was performed by the actors from Militari district theatre guided by Mihai Mălaimare.

At half past twelve everything was ready. Few spectators were already waiting quietly; the actors encouraged one each other and gathered their energies in a sort of a backstage, the sound technician was ready to synchronize the audio mixer and the lights in order to begin the performance. The actors started to perform on the improvised stage from the subway station, while Mădălin, one of the ten machinists present at the event, was watching it hidden from the marble columns covered with ads.

The passengers-spectators

Meanwhile, more and more people reject the crunching offer of the moving stairway to stay a little longer accompanied by the performance. The character Pierrot interacts with the public and the eyes of the passengers transformed in spectators observe the pantomime. The interpretative is interrupted by the spreading of flyers and balloons that ostentatiously remind us who are we dealing with and what is happening there. Ana Maria Ioniţă, PR at “Masca” Theatre tells us that people are used to witness a show like this: „In November 2009 we have celebrated six years since this kind of show first took place at the subway. Now it is much more elaborated and we try to perform weekly. It is a very good place to promote culture. “Masca” Theatre is the only theatre whose performance can be seen in the park or at the subway. There are people who call us asking when we perform again”

The luxury of a little show

There is a curly girl behind me who is talking to the phone: ‘I’m watching a little show at the Unirii subway station’. She is also watching the crazy Pierrot who is one at a time a photographer, fisher or in love. There comes an old man wearing a beret who takes a balloon from his grandchild’s hand. He says to me: ‘It’s extraordinary. Too bad for us, retires, that we cannot afford to go to the theatre, to the philharmonic’. But the grandchild interrupts grandfather’s confession dragging him closer to the stage. He is fascinated by actors make up. He would like to stay more, but he only could see the end of a forty minutes show.

The actors follow the applause leaving the ten machinists to take the leading roles in their place as it has been between 9 and 12.30. The subway tries to put its “Masc” every week, but for this face-lift you must say ‘no’ for few minutes to Berceni, Pipera or other underground routes.

Translated by Ramona Grama, 2nd year


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